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The Genesis Team

Senior Management Team
The Senior Management Team, led by Principal, Mr Brian Barker, consists of Business Manager, Mr Rodger Brook; Head of School - Secondary, Mr Stuart Taylor; Head of School – Primary, Mr David Wylie; and Acting Head of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Nichola Welsh.

Middle Tier Management Team
Assistant Head of Primary School, Mr Simon Bedville; Middle School Coordinator, Mr Tom Connolly; and Primary School Coordinator, Mr Matthew Best; assist in the day-to-day administration of the College.

Curriculum Team members Head of Senior Studies, Ms Michelle Connors; Upper Primary School Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs Dianne Todd; and Lower Primary School Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs Kate Mitchell; support the Head of Teaching and Learning in overseeing the academic quality of all educational programs, results analysis and staff professional learning. Primary Year Level Coordinators and Heads of Departments in the Secondary School oversee the delivery of the curriculum by highly qualified academic teaching staff and teacher aides.

Mrs Mandy Bullock, Head of Careers and Student Services, oversees the areas of careers advice and vocational education.

A Pastoral Care Team, led by Mr Anthony Arro, Director of Student Wellbeing, works across Primary and Secondary campuses to monitor and assist with the social and emotional wellbeing of the students.

Ancillary Staff Team
A dedicated Ancillary Staff Team includes: Grounds Manager, Mr Kevin Dekker; Office Manager, Mrs Julie Kriel; Enrolments Officer, Mrs Lynn Swanson; Tuckshop Coordinator, Mrs Chris Kidd; and Uniform Shop Convenor, Mrs Cathy van Vuuren.