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1987 - A group of visionary Christians from the Reformed Church of Stafford formed The North Brisbane Christian Schools Association (NBCSA) and Board representatives were elected.1989 - Land was purchased at Youngs Crossing Road, Bray Park. The Reformed Church of Stafford relocated there and became known as the Bray Park Community Church.1991 - Genesis Christian College officially opened with 35 Year 1 – 7 students who were temporarily schooled in the church (and two second hand demountables). Mr Bob Van Veen, the founding Principal, and Miss Jane Nyhouse (now Mrs Eyles) were the first teachers.1996 - Mrs Lynne Doneley was appointed as principal.1998 - The first secondary (Yr 8) school students began.2002 - The first Year 12 cohort graduated.2007 - Mr Brian Barker, the current principal, was appointed.2013 - The College's business structure changed to Genesis Christian College Ltd.Today the site supports three well resourced, architecturally designed campuses: an Early Learning Centre, Primary School, including a dedicated Prep area, and Secondary School. The College stands as a testimony to the early pioneers, attracting families from many denominations who desire a Christ-centred, values-based education.