Genesis student on playground equipment looking through binoculars
Our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is designed as a blueprint for our future priorities and projects.

The strategic plan will be used to measure achievements against key milestones. Our focus is to build on the momentum we have achieved to date, ensuring (and managing) controlled growth, and equipping students and staff with a robust, Christian worldview. Through our plan we’ve reaffirmed our vision to deliver innovative, relevant education that develops personal excellence and school pride within a safe Christ-centred environment. Together as a school community, we will execute our strategic priorities in six key areas:

Six Priority AreasKey Milestones by 2020
Our Christ-centred focus - Clearly articulated Genesis Christian worldview
- Improved Christian Life program implemented
- Stronger sense of service within the College and wider community
Our students- Increased emphasis on 21st Century Learning, including embedded technologies
- Greater emphasis on research based pedagogies
- Functional co-curricular model with links to community organisations
Our people and productivity- Greater leadership capacity across all staff
- Upskilled capacity in middle management leadership
- Improved processes and systems
Our community- Enriched strategic relationships with community groups to enhance student opportunities and wellbeing
Our school environment- Acquired additional land to cope with anticipated growth in enrolments
- Improved traffic flow and less congestion
- Targeted improvements in amenities and resources
Our stewardship- Improved and broadened partnerships with third parties
- Developed Philanthropic initiatives
- Increased income from external sources