Student discuss careers at Genesis
Our Future Pathways team assists students with subject choices for Senior School, planning for tertiary study and/or direct entry into the workforce.

This is achieved through a number of different ways:

  • One-on-one career planning sessions
  • Student & Parent Information Evenings
  • Senior Education & Training Plan (SETP) interviews
  • Work Experience program
  • Vocational Education & Training (VET) program
  • Resume preparation
  • Exploring post school options for Senior students
  • Alumni Connect program
  • Future Connect program
  • Year 10-12 subject changes

Our Future Pathways team welcomes all enquiries.

Career Planning

Throughout a lifetime of living, learning and working, many people experience surprise at where their careers have taken them. While Career Planning is important, it is equally important to not let these plans be rigid. In the articles below, there are some interesting thoughts on how the writers have seen their progress over the years.

In the words of Robert Pozen, “There was no grand plan; I backed into my career one step at a time.” This quote I can endorse after reflecting on my own life and making the most of opportunities that presented themselves at various points throughout my career. While the quote may seem very short on planning, Pozen did take steps to equip himself (planning) for the future. So to, we all need to make some plans for the future and be prepared to back into our career one step at a time.

In conclusion he states:

To prepare for whatever surprises lie ahead, try to make choices today that will maximise your options in the future. Gain transferable expertise — in the classroom or at work — and form close bonds with your peers and colleagues.”

SET Plans

The Queensland Government has the expectation that all young people should be “learning or earning”. The introduction of the Senior Education & Training (SET) Plans is a result of the Education & Training Reforms for the Future.

A SET Plan builds on the types of programs already provided for Year 10 students. It helps them review past achievements, recognise their strengths and plan a program of education in Years 11 and 12.

The SET Plan is developed with students in Year 10. It outlines the student’s chosen study for the Senior Phase of Learning and determines how the student’s career path will be mapped out and subsequently achieved.

These SET Plans are reviewed in Years 11 and 12 during interviews with a member of the Careers & Student Services Department. Any subject changes that students make over the two years will need to be made with the overall intent of the SET Plan in mind.

Work Experience Program

Designed to broaden each student’s experience and understanding of the world of work and career opportunities, Year 10 students undertake mandatory work experience placements during the last week of Term 2.

Students are prepared for this during Terms 1 and 2 as they participate in the Year 10 Personal Development program, “The Journey Continued”. Using a range of interactive materials designed to assist the students to investigate career choices, the program essentially skills the students to make wise subject selections for Years 11 and 12.

Years 11 and 12 students have access to work experience placements during the school holidays.

VET – Vocational Education and Training (VET)

In addition to the traditional academic pathway, Genesis offers senior students the opportunity to combine this with Vocational Education & Training (VET) subjects.

VET programs enable students to undertake a nationally recognised vocational qualification and Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) at the same time.

The Vocational Education & Training (VET) program provides a number of alternative pathways for our senior students through school-based TAFE courses, traineeships and apprenticeships.

Vocational pathways not only provide valuable employability skills but also offer alternative routes to further tertiary study.