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Japanese Exchange

Every two years, Secondary students from Years 8 to 12 have the opportunity to visit Japan and attend a Japanese High School.  During their stay of over two weeks, they participate in daily class activities while boarding with a host family from the College's sister school, Minokamo High School, in the rural area of Gifu Prefecture.  They prepare for their adventure by attending Japanese Club before departure and by spending time at the sister school Dormitory for intensive language preparation and culture awareness lessons before going into their home stays.  This experience immerses the students in the Japanese language as well as learning about the history and social structure of the land and its people.

An annual visit from the Year 9 students of Minokamo High School also provides rich cross cultural opportunities to experience and develop respect for and understanding of the Japanese culture.

Below is the link to the Minokamo Junior High School website:
Minokamo Junior High School 

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