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Prayer & Outreach

Christian character and service to the community is actively encouraged through the formation of prayer groups, fundraising and visits interstate and overseas.

Prayer Groups

  • SIP (Students in Prayer) - Primary School students gather once a week during 2nd break to pray. The group has an outreach focus which includes raising money for the Australian Bible Society to send Bibles to Kenya and making Christmas hampers for needy families.
  • Weekly connect groups gather for devotions and prayer.

Christian Groups

  • Shine and Strength Program for students in Years 7 to 9
  • Connect Group for Years 10 to 12 girls - Monday at lunch in M12
  • Connect Group for Middle School girls - Tuesday at lunch in M16
  • Fun & Games for Middle School students - Tuesday at lunch in the Middle School area
  • Connect Group for all Secondary girls - fortnightly on Wednesday at first break in M12
  • Sports Ministry for all Secondary students - Tuesday & Friday at first break
  • Lunch Time Program for all Secondary students - Wednesday & Thursday at lunch in the Middle School area, facilitated by Joseph Funnell
  • What on earth am I here for? for all Secondary students - Tuesday 3-4pm in the Youth Shed, facilitated by Anthony Lyons


  • Compassion and Come Uganda - each Primary school class raises money to sponsor a child through Compassion and Come Uganda
  • MAD (Make a Difference) 
  • Hillsong - a visit to the Hillsong Conference in Sydney in July encourages Christian fellowship, worship and prayer
  • World Challenge

Special fundraising days/events

  • Day for Daniel – fundraising for child safety awareness
  • Red Nose Day – fundraising for S.I.D.S.
  • Jeans for Genes Day – fundraising for genetic research
  • Support & sponsorship for Makunda Christian School, India
  • Destiny Rescue/Make a Stand