Music Lessons at Genesis – Enrolment forms are now available on Parent lounge for students wishing to START instrument or singing lessons at the College in 2019.

Please fill out the 2019 Instrument Music Enrolment Form and return to the Music Department via your relevant Student Reception.

We are offering harp lessons for the first time to students in Year 3 or above. There are two student harps available for hire through the College. These will be allocated to the first two harp enrolments received so if you have been considering learning the harp, please be sure to enrol in these lessons quickly to secure these instruments.

Re-enrolments for existing instrumental students have been sent to parents and are to be confirmed via Parent Lounge. Please either accept the lesson continuation or decline if you are no longer wishing to have lessons at the College.

For more information, please contact Steven Hannah, Head of Music and Music Performance.