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Partners in education

We welcome parental involvement in College life and strive to be known as “a parent friendly school”.  This is a school where parents and staff work together to provide the best opportunities for the students. Parents are welcomed onto the campus and are encouraged to involve themselves in the education of their children. 

Specifically, parents are encouraged to:

  • maintain contact with their child’s teacher through phone calls, visits or email;
  • play an active role in supporting homework and home study;
  • take an active interest in extra-curricular activities involving, for example:  sport, music, drama and various clubs; and
  • attend information nights, awards ceremonies and other College-based events.

Parents can also contribute meaningfully through:

  • membership of our association, Genesis Christian College Ltd;
  • joining the Parents and Friends Association;
  • participating in organised working bees;
  • becoming a “Valued Volunteer” and providing assistance in the classroom or library, at sports carnivals and with coaching;
  • being available for tuckshop duty; and/or
  • joining the Parent Prayer Group.