The College Tuckshop is open Monday to Friday and is run by Mrs Chris Kidd.
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To assist parents, most foods on the menus are labelled G, A or R as explained below.

  • G foods (green) = eat plenty;
  • A foods (amber) = eat occasionally; and
  • R foods (red) = eat rarely.

We also have a good range of gluten free items to accommodate those with allergies. These are distinguished with a gluten free symbol on the menu.

In the case of emergency meals being provided for students, parents must pay for these as soon as forms are sent home.


Our Tuckshop relies on the generous help of volunteers. If you’d like to offer your time – either regularly or on a casual basis, please complete the form below or call us on 3882 9041.

  • Please indicate which day/s you are available to volunteer in the tuckshop:


All orders are to be placed through Flexischools.

A parent or guardian will need to register on the Flexischools website to order from the online menu. To register, go to Click Register Now! and enter your email.

  1. You are emailed a link to the online form. Choose your own username and password and enter your contact details.
  2. For each child, click “Add a student” and follow the prompts to place an order.

You will be required to top-up your pre-paid account. If you need help, please contact Flexischools on 1300 361 769.