Community Health

This page contains the latest College communication, information and helpful resources for families regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Video Updates


The following list outlines the changes to calendar events for the remainder of Term 1:

  • Secondary Parent / Teacher Interviews – postponed
  • Yr 9 Kokoda Challenge – cancelled
  • Senior and Junior Dance Company rehearsals – change of finishing, now 3pm
  • Shakefest rehearsals – cancelled
  • All Assemblies and Chapels have been postponed
  • All bands, ensembles and choirs: cancelled
  • Years 7-9 Thursday afternoon sport: we will not be competing with other schools and all sport will be held on the Genesis campus
  • Years 10-12 Wednesday afternoon sport: all sport will be held on campus (we do not currently compete against other schools)
  • BOSL cancelled: 10-12 Futsal; 7-9 Touch, 7-9 Futsal
  • The Rite Journey Departure for Year 9: Reformatted 
  • Year 10 Epilepsy Awareness fundraiser reformatted (no longer cupcakes)
  • Parent Info Night for JOE has been postponed
  • Years 7-8 Brainstorm Productions presentation has been cancelled
  • STEM Ambassadors Conference attendance has been cancelled
  • Year 12 RYDA excursion has been cancelled
  • Qld Schools Swimming Championships have been cancelled
  • National Triathlon Championships have been cancelled
  • All Regional Met North sport trials are postponed
  • Year 10 Camp – postponed
  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now attendance has been postponed
  • Make A Difference #1 – Foodbank has been postponed


  • Primary Parent / Teacher interviews – postponed
  • Mini Dance Company rehearsals – cancelled
  • Movers and Shakers rehearsals – cancelled
  • School Banking – suspended
  • Assemblies – cancelled, however Head of School awards will be distributed directly to students in their classrooms
  • Chapels – cancelled. The classroom teachers will continue to integrate our explicit Christian message into classroom activities
  • Primary Leaders Induction Service and Morning tea – 23 March – postponed until later this year, and combined with round two of student leadership. Students will still receive their badges this week.
  • Year 2 Dance and BBQ – 24 March – cancelled
  • Prep Parent Information and Literacy Morning tea – 25 March – postponed to a later date
  • NISSA Gala Day #2 – 27 March – cancelled
  • Year 3 Mad about Science Incursion – continuing via video-link
  • Primary Band Camp – postponed – we are looking for a date later this year which is suitable, but this may be cancelled
  • Parent Teacher Interviews – continuing – we will have an option available for a phone interview if requested
  • OSHC Holiday excursions – all of these are cancelled – Susan Cooper will contact you further regarding OSHC matters.