Early Childhood Development Statement

Student Details

Student Surname(Required)
Student First Name(Required)

Kindergarten Details

Kindergarten Teacher/s First Name(Required)
Kindergarten Teacher/s Surname(Required)

Identity / Physical Wellbeing

Forms friendships with others
Engages in sharing/turn taking
Is inclusive
Utilises caring language when interacting with peers.
Shows respect for environments
Completes morning jobs
Is able to use the toilet independently
Puts on shoes and socks independently
Experiments with eating a variety of healthy foods

Emotional Wellbeing

Recognises feelings
Willingness to share thoughts and personal stories
Demonstrates confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude
Attempts to manage disappointments or failures in an appropriate manner
Perseveres to complete a task

Active Learning

Maintains interest in small group activities
Will attempt a teacher selected task
Can ignore minor distractions to focus on a task
Shows an interest in early literacy concepts
Shows an interest in early mathematical concepts
Engages in ways to be imaginative and creative
Uses scissors
Pencil grip
Draws basic shapes and pictures
Has a dominant hand
Demonstrates core strength for posture and gross motor tasks
Is aware of personal space and manages body appropriately


Uses language to communicate needs
Can speak in simple sentences
Can sit and listen for at least 5 minutes
Speech is understandable and most (or many?) sounds are articulated correctly
Is able to follow a simple instruction

Additional Information

Cries easily if upset or offended
Suffers from separation anxiety
Has temper outbursts

Inclusion Support

Has this child required extra support at kindy?
Does the child receive Inclusion Support?
Please provide additional information only if necessary, to clarify or add supplementary information