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The impact one caring adult can have on anxiety and resilience.
with Karen Young and Michelle Mitchell

What could our children do if they truly believed they were brave? In this transformational, heartfelt event, Karen Young and Michelle Mitchell come together to equip parents, carers and professionals with powerful strategies to help children and teens build resilience, thrive through anxiety and reach their potential. We will explore:

  • the powerful role that caring adults play in building brave;
  • a new way of understanding the role of anxiety and resilience in your child’s life;
  • the often unrecognised and different ways anxiety can manifest in children;
  • the impact of anxiety on friendships and school work;
  • proven, practical ways to respond to anxiety and make way for calm and courage;
  • how to build social resilience and equip them for the challenges of life;
  • how to strengthen your connection and influence.

About the Presenters:

Karen Young

In her career as a psychologist, Karen worked extensively with children, teens and families. She now consults and speaks both at home in Australia and internationally about anxiety in children and teens. She is the founder of Hey Sigmund, and the author of two bestselling books, Hey Warrior and Hey Awesome, which creatively assist children to understand and manage anxiety.

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle started her career as a teacher and then founded Youth Excel, a charity which supported thousands of young people with life skills education, mentoring and psychological services. She now uses her experience to write and speak on parenting tweens and teens, and has
a special interest in strengthening mental health. She is the author of four highly acclaimed parenting books.

Genesis Christian College – Performance Theatre

6:30pm – 8:30pm – 12 September 2019

Tickets: $40 (use code GENESIS for a 15% discount!)

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