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Dear Genesis Families,
Each year at the Annual General Meeting, the Office Bearers on the P&F step down from their roles and nominations are accepted to fill those positions for the coming year.
The P&F are now accepting nominations for the roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Liaison Officer and 4 General Committee Members.
A brief description of the positions is listed below:
  • President – Oversees all operations and correspondence of the P&F, chairs the General Meetings, and Executive Meetings, addresses the school community at assemblies as required, arranges the content of the P&F page in the Newsletter, liaises with parents and staff.
  • Vice President – Supporting role to the President and stands in the President’s stead in the event of absence.
  • Treasurer – Coordinates all financial operations of the P&F, coordinates with the College Finance Department, prepares documentation for auditing in accordance with legal obligations, and reports monthly and annual financial outcomes to P&F Assoc Inc.
  • Secretary – Compiles meeting Minutes, prepares Agendas, forwards Minutes to all committee members. Coordinator for circulation, collects and collates correspondence incoming and outgoing that is addressed to the P&F.
  • Liaison Officer – Communicates via email directly to the parental email database, including but not limited to the P&F UPDATE email, festival communication, directs emails to relevant parties; methodically files/categorises emails for reference; communicates on behalf of the President where necessary; prepares documentation for circulation where required.
  • General Committee Members – Offer supporting roles as regular volunteers at major events or activities.

Our AGM will then be followed by the first General Meeting with its newly elected 2022 Office Bearers.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Kind Regards,
Andrea Maunder
Genesis P&F Association Inc