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Genesis Football Club

Players are trained by qualified coaches who are committed to providing skill extension and high-quality coaching to improve children’s soccer skills while having fun in a nurturing environment.


Genesis Football Club promotes the importance of being active, having fun, respecting others, fair play and fostering a love of learning. For children under 12 years old in particular, we ask that parents actively support this approach.

Eligibility & Ages

Girls and boys aged four (4) to approximately fourteen (14) years are eligible to register in 2017. As the club grows, it is envisioned that the age cap will increase to eighteen (18) years of age. Non-Genesis Christian College students are invited to join Genesis Football Club.

Enrolling Your Child

Joining Genesis Football Club can occur at any time throughout the year.

Registration Form


Training times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 3:10 to 4:30pm.

Flexible training times mean that your child can attend any or all training sessions each week. Sessions are fun and energetic with activities specific to every skill level between first time beginner and upper intermediate. As the club grows, provision has been made to extend skills to the experienced level.

Muster week is the week of 1 March.

Training starts the week of 1 March and runs through to Term 4.

Attendance at training does not automatically result in entry to teams playing games on Saturday.

Uniform & Required Equipment

Uniforms will be purchased and supplied for all club players regardless of whether they participate in weekend games. Training jerseys, shorts and socks are not included in the fees.

The following items are a requirement for each training session:

  • Shin pads
  • Drink bottle
  • Appropriate hat