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Learning Enrichment

The College is committed to catering for the needs of all students. Learning Enrichment caters for students needing support through either academic extension or intervention. Both areas, Learning Support and Gifted & Talented, are overseen by coordinators who ensure that programs are developed and enhanced to provide suitable support.

Our Learning Support Department caters for students identified as requiring academic support in one or more learning areas or domains. Students requiring academic assistance or intervention are, where possible, assisted in the classroom and their academic progress monitored by qualified and passionate teachers and teacher aides.

Our Gifted & Talented program aims to identify and accommodate our academically high achieving students, through participation in a number of external competitions, homogenous group tasks, conferences, excursions and the like. Academically high achieving students are also given the opportunity to join the Learning Enrichment and Extension Program (LEEP) in the Middle School and a range of extension subjects in the Senior School. Academically high achieving students in the Primary school are catered for through the Learning Enrichment and Extension Program - Primary (LEEP Primary). Our philosophy is to develop the capabilities of all our students, through a differentiated approach, and to provide opportunities to enhance their learning experiences.