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Integration of ICT

ICT is integrated into the curriculum through the use of software programs and e-learning programs.  Within our Intranet, students can connect to various databases, eBooks, tools, videos and linked libraries as well as the College library search catalogue. These resources include Encyclopaedia Britannica, World Book, Library Webs, the State Library of Queensland and also the University of Queensland’s “UQ Cyberschool” system, giving them access to the very best research facilities the World Wide Web has to offer.

Software that is integrated into the curriculum includes:

  • an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) with the software Easy Interactive Tools;
  • KidPix.animation software used by Years 1 to 3 students;
  • Kahootz Version 3, a 3D animation package used by Years 5 and 6;
  • Digital learning objects and other digital media from the Learning Federation (see;
  • Microsoft Office suite of application software which includes a word processor, spreadsheets, databases and PowerPoint;
  • PhotoStory and Microsoft MovieMaker which integrate into Microsoft Office;
  • The Read&Write software which can read screen text (including website content) and also assist with writing, researching and spelling (see; and
  • Atomic Learning which includes a collection of tens of thousands of short training videos on a range of software, including Microsoft Office (see

The units offered embrace the components of a 21st century learner in an engaging way through the use of programs and apps on computers as well as iPads.

  • In Prep to Year 2, students use the software 2Animate and 2Publish.
  • In Years 3 to 6, students utilise such programs as Scratch 2.0, Kodu, Kahootz to develop their animation sequences as well as coding an interactive game. Google SketchUp 8 is a piece of modelling software for students to use when creating 3D designs.
  • A 1:1 iPad program runs in Year 3 to 6 with classroom sets available for use in Prep to Year 2. Various iPad apps are used across the Primary school to enrich the delivery of the curriculum, including iMovie, Explain Everything, Book Creator and Popplet.

The school wishes to acknowledge the funding received by the National Secondary School Computer Fund for its assistance in helping the school to improve its ICT infrastructure and to move towards achieving a 1:1 student to computer ratio for Year 9 to 12 students.