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International Opportunities

Developing Global Citizens

International travel experiences for Secondary College students involve one or a combination of the following: service and community engagement projects, curriculum-focused programs, cultural study programs, exchange programs with sister schools and partner organisations, and opportunities for increased proficiency in the use of another language.

Travel enriches students’ lives by providing them with opportunities to gain geographical knowledge about other countries and develop multicultural awareness through interaction with different cultures and customs. While such experiences may be distinctly different from their own, they are important in providing students with a greater understanding of the rich variety of cultures and customs that form the tapestry of a global community.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities they have as active and informed global citizens through connecting with peers in other countries, experiencing new cultures and developing new understanding of their place in the world, it is hoped that Genesis students will develop greater awareness of international issues, including human rights and the need for Christian empathy.