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Middle School

The philosophy of the College’s Middle School model is to foster a love of learning in an engaging and challenging learning environment. Year 6 students are transitioned into the Secondary School through a purposeful transition program where they are prepared for the increased academic and social/emotional challenges that lie ahead. Similarly, the Middle School prepares Year 9 students for the rigours of Senior School and, of course, for life beyond the classroom, whether that be in tertiary education or the workforce. All students in the Secondary School are encouraged to become self-directed and autonomous learners as they move through the Middle School.

In Years 7 to 9, students study a number of core subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, HPE, History and Geography, Technologies and The Arts and have the choice of electives from a suit of subjects on offer. Learning Enrichment supports, where possible, students who may be struggling academically and the Gifted and Talented program caters for the academically high performing students.

Age appropriate and targeted Personal Development and Christian Life Studies lessons assist students in negotiating some of the issues or questions facing young people, in a safe Christ-centred environment.

Middle School students are encouraged to be role models for the Primary School and their peers, and leadership and community involvement is encouraged.