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Primary School

The Primary School, located at the east end of the College campus, is a school within a school. Its unique character, fashioned from its humble beginnings is now well established and enjoying an excellent reputation, which sets Genesis Christian College apart from others.

Remaining true to its vision, Genesis Primary is the school of choice for families in the Moreton Shire who are desirous of a Christian education where the Gospel values are central to its mission and vision. Staff members, selected for their own commitment and integrity, are devoted and competent practitioners.

In 2010, a fourth stream was commenced, growing the current three stream model to four. An ambitious building program was embarked upon to eventually enlarge the campus. As a result, a Lower and an Upper Primary campus has been formed to accommodate the students whilst still allowing for the development of identity and culture within each sub-school.

A typical day is marked by the ordered rhythm of conscientious endeavour, the excitement of learning, and fun and laughter. The College recognises the importance of relationships and engagement in activities with teachers and other members of staff. It also values the teaching of higher order thinking skills, problem solving and integration of technology in the curriculum.

Providing children with many, varied opportunities within a safe school environment will develop their abilities in all spheres; academic, cultural, sporting and service, both within the school and beyond.