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The Primary School is divided into two schools: Lower Primary, including Prep, and an Upper Primary.

Prep is the foundational year of the Primary School and it builds on learning that has already occurred at home, in the community or at Kindergarten. Although not compulsory, research supports the importance of the Prep year in preparing children who turn 5 years old by July 31 of that year for formal schooling in Year 1. The Genesis Prep program is designed to cater for the unique qualities of each child in the way they grow, look, act, speak and listen and learn.

In Years 1 to 6, the Christian ethos of the College is embraced and actively promoted while simultaneously striving for high academic standards which are delivered in a nurturing and encouraging environment. The balanced curriculum scope is aimed at developing academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical excellence. It is designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to participate in the school and wider community with confidence and a sense of success.