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Secondary Christian Life Program

Year 7
Students consider Christian understanding of who God is; foundational Christian belief and practice and explore the scriptures to learn about Jesus and His message.

Year 8
Through the message of Mark’s gospel, the Sermon on the Mount and other New Testament scriptures, students learn about Jesus and His teaching. They are challenged to consider what impact this should have on the lives of Christian believers.

Year 9
The Rite Journey

Year 10
Through a study of Old and New Testament people, students consider the call of God and how He equips those He calls. A focus on Paul’s letters and the encouragement to love and serve, culminates in a community project. Students also consider God’s purpose in giving us the gift of time and how we are accountable for its use.

Years 11 & 12
Exploration of a Christian worldview occurs through a consideration of a range of ethical questions. Students are challenged to understand the Christian response to the various situations of life.