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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the business of all staff at Genesis Christian College as student social and emotional well-being is paramount to success at school and in life. Pastoral Care involves many areas:

  • the day to day interaction of the College Chaplains, Counsellors, teachers and other staff members;
  • classroom programs and interactions including Christian Life and Personal Development;
  • Chapel services, visiting speakers and organisations; and
  • policies aimed at protecting the right of each student to an education in a safe and supportive environment.

The support structure is well supported by:

  • the Pastoral Care Department consisting of a Head of Pastoral Care, Counsellors, a Primary Chaplain and a Secondary Life Coach;
  • Child Safety Officers; 
  • Form Class teachers in the Secondary School;
  • Home Classroom Teachers in the Primary School; and 
  • Year level Coordinators.

Counselling for students is offered on a daily basis when the need arises.