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Primary Christian Life Program

Year 1
The lessons focus on:

  1. Learning about the seven days of creation and how sin entered the world.
  2. Looking at miracles and parables.
  3. Understanding of the character and life of Jesus.
  4. Reading Bible stories that demonstrate the qualities of God.
  5. Understanding the Nativity story and the purpose of Jesus' birth and what it means for us, his children.

Year 2
The lessons focus on:

  1. Learning obedience through the stories of Noah and Jonah and how they followed God's instructions and were examples for us all.
  2. Discovering that we can apply God's spiritual armour to protect us from threats and fears, just as David did when he fought Goliath.
  3. Identifying the Fruits of the Spirit; looking to many stories from the Old Testament for inspiration of how we can exemplify these qualities in our own lives.
  4. Discovering that Jesus is our Shepherd and He loves, cares and protects each of us, just as a shepherd does his sheep.

Year 3
The lessons focus on:

  1. God had a plan for Moses and He has a plan for us too.
  2. The miracles of Jesus and how God performs miracles for us.
  3. The big stories in the Bible on trusting and obeying God.
  4. To understand the importance of prayer and how we can worship God.

Year 4
The lessons focus on:

  1. 'God is ...' Characteristics of God
  2. 'God says ...' Promises of God
  3. The 10 Commandments
  4. The Read Christmas Story

Year 5
The lessons focus on:

  1. Prayer
  2. Worship
  3. Bible History
  4. Bible Characters

Year 6
The lessons focus on:

  1. Christian/Servant Leadership
  2. Parables of Jesus
  3. What is a Christian?
  4. Exciting Challenges Ahead - Transitioning Unit