Staffing Restructure

This year the College has embarked on a major staffing restructure in readiness for 2019. The catalyst for this change was Queensland’s changing educational landscape.

Other important factors also included:

  • the time lapse between our last significant restructure and now
  • the growth of the College
  • the fact that we have embedded a learning framework from Prep to Year 12
  • industrially we are in an enterprise bargaining year
  • the introduction of the new ATAR senior schooling system in 2019.

The restructuring process has been time consuming, robust and transparent. We worked under the guidance of an external consultancy company to rewrite the role descriptions of all positions of added responsibility. These roles are now embedded with key accountabilities.

Our new organisation model is less confusing for our community and the job titles now better reflect the purpose of the roles. A new organisational chart was designed and will be made available once some fine turning has occurred.

The major changes in job titles are:

  • In secondary, every subject either had a Head of Department or a Subject Coordinator, depending on the size of the department. These positions will now be known as Innovation and Learning Leaders (ILLs).
  • The four large subjects – English, Maths, Science and Humanities – have been split into an Innovation and Learning Leader 7 to 9 and Innovation and Learning Leader 10 to 12. Our rationale is to ensure there is adequate time given to the senior school ILL to focus on the new ATAR processes. Equally as important, we are looking for a more distinctive middle school model to cater for the way middle school students engage with their learning.
  • While the acronym ILL may not sound appropriate it has been a deliberate choice across the College for positions in the curriculum area. Innovation is an important aspect of future learning and it’s been placed at the beginning of the title to emphasize this.
  • These changes carry through to our Primary sub-school where the current Year Level Coordinator’s role (which is mainly curriculum-based) will also be known from 2019 as Innovation and Learning Leader – Year 4, for example.
  • Importantly, the Innovation and Learning Leaders in all subschools will work with a Director of Innovation and Learning to ensure continuity and alignment across all subject or year levels.
  • There will be four Directors who work under the supervision and direction of the Head of Teaching and Learning.
  • In the Pastoral Care Department, changes have also been made across the College. In Secondary, the current Year Level Coordinators will be known as Care and Conduct Leaders.
  • A new position has been created in Primary also known as Care and Conduct Leader. Essentially, these positions will work with the Director of Care and Conduct and the Director of Pastoral Care to provide support to all students across the College.

I acknowledge and extend my heartfelt thanks to all the staff who have served in our current positions of added responsibilities – some since our last restructure in late 2008. They have contributed significantly to the successful growth and expansion of the College and without their dedicated service we would not be where we are today.

I also pay tribute to the staff for their support in embracing the restructure. The application process was demanding and included written applications and interviews. It was pleasing that for many positions there were numerous applications. I am also pleased to report that due to growth and the creation of the middle position in the four large subjects, we have been able to appoint a number of excellent external applicants. Further details regarding the new appointees will be forthcoming later in the year either via the newsletter or in a separate email.

Brian Barker – Principal