This morning, we were excited to break the ground to officially commence construction of Stage 20, our new STEM building. Take a look at a fly through of the building here.

Construction on a working school site will invariably cause some disruptions. For now, the major impact will be on traffic flow and drop off outside the pool. From tomorrow (Fri, 25 May) cars will not be able to circle around behind the Industrial Tech building as that area will be occupied by the building contractors.

As construction progresses we will closely monitor traffic flow issues and advise accordingly.

Due to the complexities of this build it will be necessary to relocate the site fences at various stages. The builders will give us as much warning as possible, however, the weather and other factors will impact and dictate the timing of these stages.

Please note there are now two alternative car park options which you can use, either number 7 (across from the main entry) or 26 Youngs Crossing.

Access to additional parking 23 Youngs Crossing Road (1)