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World Challenge Trip

World Challenge is focused on developing life skills as it is a student-led expedition that requires students to fundraise, plan and organise their own trip. An experienced World Challenge leader guides and mentors students in-country as they are expected to manage the itinerary, budget, meals, accommodation and transport.

Every two years, Secondary students in Years 10 to 12 have the opportunity to embark on the adventure of a lifetime through the World Challenge program. Past trips have ventured to Vietnam and Cambodia. The next Genesis World Challenge team will be travelling to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The World Challenge program offers a one month international trip that is comprised of four main phases:

  • Acclimatisation – getting used to the language, cuisine, finances and cultural norms of the destination
  • Challenge – a physical challenge such as a significant trek or climbing a mountain
  • Project – the chance to give something back and be immersed in the local culture
  • Rest and Relaxation – visiting culturally significant sites and enjoying the local activities on offer such as scuba diving, bike rides, visiting beaches and markets

For further details on upcoming Genesis World Challenge teams please contact the College.

For more information on World Challenge please visit their website.