College infrastructure and campus development is a key emphasis of our College Strategic Plan, which released to our Genesis community earlier this year.

The focus of this exciting work is to ensure that the College continues to improve learning environments and student facilities. At Genesis, we’re well known for our high quality facilities and infrastructure and we seek to build upon this reputation.

The Process

Through a process of consultation, planning and future thinking the College has completed a new Master Plan which provides clarity on campus development for the next 10 years… and beyond! Together with our College Architect, an extensive review process looked at our current and future infrastructure and campus needs to ensure that our facilities optimally serve the College and students in the years ahead.

Initially, the development focus of our Master Plan will look towards older sections of the College and specific facilities that are currently operating in less-than-ideal spaces and locations.

The First Stages

Secondary Classrooms / Undercover Courts / Agricultural Farm

We’re pleased to report that we are currently in the planning and approval stage to develop additional classrooms at the end of the Genesis Sports and Aquatics Fitness Centre. This will include a dedicated room for Agricultural Science, replacing the current demountable on the Agricultural Farm. This building will also include a classroom for Physical Education that opens out to the oval. This development will include two additional sports courts to cater for the growing demands on our current sports courts and sporting facilities. These courts will sit alongside our existing indoor courts.

Prep & Year 1 Classrooms & Student Services Building

Two additional projects currently in the planning phase include new Prep and Year 1 classrooms specifically designed to cater for the needs of our youngest Primary children and incorporating larger, more agile, and flexible learning spaces along with a uniquely designed Nature Play learning space, designed to be in the centre of the Prep, Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 classrooms. This is an extremely exciting project for our Lower Primary school and one that requires careful planning. Additionally, this building will also include a dedicated Student Services facility opening onto the Forecourt which will include a Student Reception, Health Room (First Aid), Counselling Offices, Future Pathways Offices and Senior Student Study Lounge.

MP1 Extension

The second project currently in the planning phase is the extension of our current Multipurpose Building enabling our entire Primary school or entire Secondary school to gather in the one space for Assemblies, Chapels, and other special services. We understand and appreciate that this extension will be well received by our students and staff!

Future Works

Below is a concept map detailing some of the key projects that our Master Plan:

As mentioned, this Master Plan will provide clarity on campus development over the next decade and this will provide us with many opportunities to update you on the developments.

We look forward to providing you with timely news as the commencement of these projects draws near. We are extremely passionate about providing campus infrastructure that is of an excellent standard, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss the plans with you.

Kind Regards,

Paul Sterling