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Genesis P&F hard at work


The Parents & Friends (P&F) Association warmly welcome you to Genesis Christian College.

We are entirely run by parents and play an active and essential role within the Genesis community.

We work closely with the Genesis Christian College community to:

  • achieve common goals
  • create, foster and maintain open, two way communication between parents/carers and the Genesis Christian College Community
  • provide a medium of support, information and involvement of parents/carers in their children’s education and the Genesis Christian College community.
  • encourage parent/carer participation in order to enhance their children’s learning
  • promote a distinctive Christian environment in Genesis Christian College (the College)
  • actively raise funds to support projects agreed to
  • source guest speakers on current and suggested educational programmes, faith development and other matters of interest.

To find out more about the Genesis P&F, read our Constitution.


Throughout the College, you will see evidence of our hard work and commitment to our community including:

  • Pool
  • Chilled water bubblers throughout the campus
  • Primary spider net playground
  • Air-conditioned classrooms.

Our Committee

Our committee comprises of the following roles:

  • President – Andrea Maunder
    Oversees all operations and correspondence of the P&F, chairs the General Meetings, and Executive Meetings, addresses the school community at assemblies as required, arranges the content of the P&F page in the Chronicle, liaises with parents and staff.
  • Vice President – Gabby Holder
    Supporting role to the President and stands in the President’s stead in the event of absence
  • Treasurer – Grant Summers
    Coordinates all financial operations of the P&F, coordinates with the College Finance Department, prepares documentation for auditing in accordance with legal obligations, and reports monthly and annual financial outcomes to P&F Assoc Inc
  • Secretary – Deb McCarthy
    Compiles meeting Minutes, prepares Agendas, forwards Minutes to Webpage Coordinator for circulation, collects and collates correspondence incoming and outgoing into a monthly report
  • Liaison Officer – Jarred Maunder
    Communicates via email directly to the parental email database, including but not limited to the P&F UPDATE email, festival communication, directs emails to relevant parties; methodically files/categorises emails for reference; communicates on behalf of the President where necessary; prepares documentation for circulation where required.
  • General Committee Members – Seath Holswich, Selena Maloney, Graham Cutts, Kirsten Ivosevac
    Offer supporting roles as regular volunteers at major events or activities.

Calendar of Events

  • Coming soon

Meeting Dates

Our P&F Association meets on the first Tuesday of every month.

Meeting Minutes