Year 12 students at Genesis celebrating end of their schooling by throwing hats in air
Genesis Christian College’s Senior School caters for students in Years 10, 11, and 12. It marks a shift to further independence, providing crucial opportunities for personal guidance to help each student plan their path into adult life.

How Year 10 students learn at Genesis

Students in Year 10 develop a Senior Education and Training Plan (SETP). The SETP assists each student to structure their learning around their abilities, interests and ambitions. It maps out what, where and how a student will study during Years 11 and 12.

The College offers a range of subjects – both strongly academic to highly practical.  The scope is inclusive and has been deliberately chosen to cater for a variety  of interests and aptitudes. Our Senior syllabuses provide a range of distinctive subject offerings including vocational pathways and certificated courses, links to TAFE and head start University programs.

Year 10 Curriculum Scope

Our innovative curriculum focuses on developing students who are thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong learners. The emphasis is on creating highly engaging and carefully crafted curriculum that is relevant to a student’s world and delivered from a Christian worldview.  An interesting array of subjects, including a comprehensive elective program with scope for extension, supports the extensive range of learning experiences available to our students.

Our students:

  • receive a foundation on which they can make decisions about their future study options
  • gain further capabilities in relation to becoming active participants in society
  • take greater responsibility for their learning
  • participate in leadership and other activities
  • engage with the greater complexity of more disciplinary-based and technical subjects
  • foster critical thinking skills
  • access their curriculum from a Christian worldview.
Program of Study

View our Year 10 Subject Handbook here

View our Vocation Education & Training Student Handbook here.

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) is Queensland’s senior school qualification awarded to students usually at the end of Year 12.

Year 10 subjects may lead to General and/or Applied senior subjects. In the QCE, General subjects are seen as more complex and are required to be studied in order to gain an ATAR, whereas Applied subjects are more practical and may only contribute to an ATAR in some cases.

In Year 10, an English, a Mathematics subject, and Science are mandatory for all students. The Journey Continued is a non-assessed compulsory school subject.

Students are also required to undertake three subjects from the Elective Subjects list.

Core Subjects (compulsory subjects)
  • English (pathway to both the General and Applied subjects at Years 11 and 12)
    • Extension English
  • Mathematics
    • Pre-Essential Mathematics (Applied subject pathway) or
    • Pre-General Mathematics (General subject pathway) or
    • Pre-Mathematical Methods (General subject pathway).
  • Science (pathway to both General and Applied subjects in Years 11 and 12)
    • General Science
    • Essential Science
    • Applied Science (leading to Applied subjects in Years 11 and 12)
  • The Journey Continued
  • Elective Subjects (all are five lessons per week)
    Year 10 subjects intentionally lead to corresponding senior subjects. While not categorised as General or Applied subjects until Year 11, the Year 10 elective subjects have been listed below to indicate these pathways. Also, some subjects are more oriented toward a Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathway.
Year 10 Elective Subjects
General (ATAR) SubjectsApplied / VET (Non-ATAR) Subjects
Agricultural ScienceFashion (Applied)
BiologyIndustrial Skills (Applied/VET)
Business StudiesHospitality and Tourism (VET)
Chemistry and Physics
Creative and Interactive Technologies
Food and Nutrition
Health and Physical Education
Justice and Legal Studies
Media Arts
Visual Art

Please note:

  • The College reserves the right to withdraw a subject from the curriculum if the student numbers are not sufficient enough to make it viable.
  • Subjects with only a small number of students may run as composite classes containing both Year 11 and Year 12 students.

Read more about our Year 11 and 12 study options here.

Beyond the classroom, Genesis offers a huge range of co-curricular opportunities including:

Genesis Christian College is proudly a Silver Maths Active School