The Genesis Christian College Alumni & Past Students Association was formed in 2002 to foster fellowship and mutual benefits among its members.

As the College continues to grow, so does the size of our alumni and the scale of their achievements.

Our alumni aims to maintain and strengthen the bond between past students and the College through a range of means. We are constantly looking for new ways to engage our alumni and look forward to developing our connections and level of engagement.

To let us know what you have been up to, please complete the form below.

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Associated Christian Schools (ACS) Millennials Project

The value of a school’s legacy cannot be underestimated. Legacies have to be stated in human terms, not in terms of buildings or grounds.

In considering what God has purposed for Christian schooling, ACS is researching the contribution that alumni of Christian schools are making towards the Common Good.

ACS is running a research project to identify the millennials who are influencing our Society for the Common Good.


  • A millennial born 1980-2000
  • Taken around three – four years after graduating to complete their degree, apprenticeship or training.
  • And taken a minimum of five years to establish their career.

How to nominate an Alumni:

Send the nomination form to or mail it to: Genesis Christian College Alumni PO Box 5206 Brendale Q 4500

Alumni Tutoring – Expression of Interest

Genesis Christian College is calling for Expressions of Interest from past students who may be interested in tutoring current students. Please complete the form below highlighting your subject areas of interest and we will communicate next steps with you in Term 2.

Alumni - Tutoring

  • Studying (Degree/Diploma/University/TAFE)Working (Position/Company)Other (e.g. Apprenticeship. Gap Year, Parenting)