Mr Paul Sterling | Principal

I commenced as Principal at Genesis at the beginning of 2020 and, although in some ways it was a homecoming to Brisbane, it was also a new beginning here at Genesis.

My day usually involves connecting with staff, students and parents. It’s important to me to have an open door policy, allowing any member of the school community the opportunity to meet with me. While overseeing day-to-day school life, I am in consultation with our Board to outwork the strategic plan and establish the direction of the College, keeping it true to the Genesis mission and values.

The culture we have at Genesis is welcoming, genuine and exudes excellence. I think of the remarkable and passionate staff who are critical to this culture and always aim to set a consistent example of Christian values and a positive tone for our community. My desire is no-one passes through Genesis without being deeply and positively impacted by the special culture we enjoy here.

Our students are one-of-a-kind and show a real desire to achieve their personal best. Along with their academic development, my vision and dream is their character may be shaped by Christ, by service to others and through pursuit of personal interests, ultimately allowing them to recognise the great opportunities they have to be people of influence in the world.

My own academic education has seen me complete a Bachelor of Technology Education and a Master of Leadership and Management in Education. Previously, I have taught at Northside Christian College and, more recently, I served as Principal at Bundaberg Christian College.

I’m blessed to be married to Megan and we have two young adult children, Zachary and Ella.

Stuart Taylor - Head of School - Secondary | Genesis Christian CollegeMr Stuart Taylor | Head of School—Secondary

I’ve had the pleasure of being Head of School – Secondary at Genesis since the beginning of 2018.

Throughout my career, I have poured my life into Christian education and the lives of thousands of young people across three states of Australia.

I’m passionate about Christian education. There are amazing opportunities to invest in our young people, to nurture them, grow them and shape them. I want to see the next generation as citizens of this world who are concerned about not only themselves but others—and are making a significant, positive difference.

I tell our students all the time: if they want to excel at Genesis, the only limiting factor is themselves. Our school has all the world-class facilities and support they need to achieve anything.

I love our College culture and how our students always say hello. Walking across the campus is a slow but very enjoyable process.

A highlight for me is Year 11 camp and watching the cohort build friendships and come together in a new way to prepare for their final year. It’s an incredible transformation that takes place over four days.

I have three children who all live in Brisbane, and I’m married to Joy. Some would call me a cricket tragic, but I find nothing tragic about cricket. Or Midnight Oil.

We, at Genesis Christian College, offer a point of difference in that we educate students’ academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually, offering a holistic education. This is established through a Biblical foundation that invites students to become followers of Jesus, living a life of connection with their Creator, love, purpose, service and joy.

Originally from New Zealand, I felt a strong calling to join the Genesis family and relocated to Brisbane with my wife and four children, all of whom are proud members of our school. Having served in various capacities in both Christian and state schools across New Zealand, including eight years as a Principal, I bring over 20 years of experience in educational leadership to the Genesis Christian College community.

I believe that true fulfillment comes from living a life of love and service, following the teachings of Jesus. I’m committed to empowering and partnering with others, fostering an environment where both students and teachers can thrive academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Outside of school, I enjoy a variety of hobbies including rugby, motorbike riding, swimming, and reading. I actively participate in the interests and pursuits of my children and also love playing the saxophone at my local church.

Nicola Welsh Genesis Christian CollegeMrs Nichola Welsh | Head of Teaching and Learning (P–12)

I started at Genesis in 2012 as Head of Middle School Curriculum and Gifted and Talented Coordinator. After being appointed as Acting Head of Teaching and Learning, I moved permanently into role in 2019 to oversee the delivery of curriculum from Prep to Year 12, with a focus on our Gifted and Talented Program.

Before settling in Queensland, I taught all over the world, including the United Kingdom, South Africa and Melbourne.

I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Higher Diploma in Education with Honours and I’m partway through a Master of Educational Leadership.

I’m passionate about teaching and learning and finding new ways to empower teachers and engage students in the classroom and beyond.

Education needs to be rigorous, differentiated and supported. This is my vision and we’re already achieving it here at Genesis. While I mostly work with our teaching staff, I still teach a Year 9 class because I love teaching—it fills my bucket.

Our College’s sense of service is important to me. I work strategically in building links—with universities, our community and finding places we can serve. A project I’m particularly passionate about is Write a Book in a Day, where we fundraise for kids who have cancer.

My husband, James, and I have two children—Sam and Olivia—who are students at Genesis.

Mr Rodger Brook | Business Manager

I oversee all of Genesis’ business operations and have enjoyed this role for more than 20 years.

Over this time, I have seen our College grow from a small, emerging school to the respected institution it is today.

Although I enjoy my area of expertise, I’m lucky to be involved in far more than just the school’s finances.

For the past 12 years I have been privileged to take a group of interested Genesis students to the Hillsong conference in Sydney. Further to this, I run an alternative Schoolies trip to an orphanage in Myanmar. In the past, I’ve also been a keen AFL coach for the school.

Excellence is a core value that has steered our College for the past 20 years. This is evident across our College, including our teaching staff, academic performance and facilities.

Our excellence attracts others. In 2012, we needed a swimming coach. We were blessed to hire a renowned swimming champion fresh from the London Olympics, who immediately started at Genesis. These are the sorts of champions we attract, and our children aspire to become.

I also like to keep busy outside of Genesis. I’m proud to hold the following honorary roles: treasurer of Associated Christian Schools, member of the finance committee for the Queensland Independent Schools Block Grant Authority, treasurer of Youth and Family Association of Pine Rivers, and board member of New Life Trust.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce with an accounting major and am a Fellow of CPA Australia.

My wife Sherry and I have three adult boys: Timothy, Andrew and James.

Mrs Kate Hatch | Head of College Operations 

I have had the privilege of working at the College since 2014 after spending a number of years in both the Corporate and Government sector.

I am passionate about this College community and the values we hold. Every day, I am inspired by our staff who contribute not just their technical skills but their passion and commitment to delivering Christian education. The College has a rich history of unwavering commitment to the pursuit of Christlikeness which is the cornerstone of our Cultural Way here at Genesis.

I have held various positions at the College and in more recent years held the position of College Accountant where I oversaw the dedicated finance team and provided professional business and accounting advice and services for our subsidiary businesses including GSA, LG and GDA. In 2018, I received my CPA designation, graduating with High Distinction and receiving the honour of representing my CPA cohort as valedictorian.

Head of College Operations is a newly created role that acknowledges the breadth and depth of our wonderful College community. My focus is the implementation of the College’s Strategic Plan as well as overseeing and directing the ‘engine room’ of the College – the operational staff who support our teachers with administration and professional services. I am passionate about our College’s Strategic Plan and am dedicated to making it a ‘living document’ which is integrated into our daily operations here at the College.  It is the outworking of our vision and mission and our unwavering commitment to this College community.

When away from work, my family and I love travelling with friends to rural destinations. When we can, we greatly enjoy overseas travel and Canada is one of our favourite destinations.

My wonderful husband, Justin, and I are blessed to have three teenage children, Elijah, Jordan and Phoebe who are students at Genesis.