Primary School at Genesis Christian College is an innovative learning environment filled activity where children delight in learning, playing, being and doing. Our mission is to provide high quality education that develops a passion for lifelong learning, Christian character and a desire to serve God in the wider community.

Our Primary School is located on the east end of our Bray Park campus and includes:

  • Prep
  • Lower Primary – (Prep), Years 1 and 2 (also known as The Learning Village)
  • Upper Primary – Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Our Primary School cares for the whole child with a balanced curriculum aimed at developing academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical excellence. It is designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to participate in the College and wider community with confidence and a sense of belonging. Our dedicated staff uphold the Gospel values that are central to our mission and vision.

How students learn at Genesis

Meaningful, engaging and rigorous learning is the core business of the College and we achieve this through the development of a curriculum that is student-centered. A Project-based-learning (PBL) approach is used to foster active student engagement, collaboration and effective learning.

From Years 1 to 6 students study core subjects of:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • HASS (History and Social Sciences)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Digital Technologies
  • Design & Technologies
  • Visual Art
  • Music
  • Japanese
  • Christian Studies

A number of specialist teachers support the classroom teacher in the delivery of this varied curriculum.

Effective curriculum is designed around a pedagogical framework, Dimensions of Learning, which provides a common language and approach to teaching and learning from Prep through to Year 10. All curriculum is delivered from a distinctive Christian worldview. Teachers plan lessons using this framework, which encompasses developing social/emotional wellbeing, good personal and study habits, and complex reasoning and problem solving skills. In this model, the students are actively involved in their own learning and the teacher is the facilitator of the learning process.

Student data is collected through a range of diagnostic testing tools. Data is collected continuously throughout a student’s time at the College and the results guide teaching practices and also help to identify the needs of particular students.

At Genesis, it’s common to see a classroom where students are engaged in discussing, debating and constructing while using graphic organisers and effective thinking strategies to investigate and find solutions. Information technologies that are embedded aim at improving student outcomes and the quality of the learning experiences. This type of innovative classroom is exciting and vibrant with learning being underpinned by a Christian world view that God is the creator of everything. Christian values, which are taught and modelled, infuse the atmosphere of the classroom where learning takes place in a disciplined, well controlled and stimulating environment.

Use of Technology

The use of technology at Genesis in Primary School is designed to compliment teaching and learning in the classroom, and to upskill students on the safe and ethical use of technology.

iPads are used from Prep to Year 3, and from Year 4 onwards students are issued with a Windows-based tablet in our 1:1 device program. Devices are used on a daily basis and are an essential part of teaching and learning. Students use the digital learning platform “SeeSaw” from Prep to year 4, and use Microsoft OneNote and Teams in years 5 and 6. These platforms allow teachers to upload resources for students to access and it also allows students to easily upload their work for teachers to look at and provide various modes of feedback. Learning how to research is an essential skill for Upper Primary students to master, particularly in HaSS and Science. Students learn how to use school databases and how to effectively search for child-friendly websites on Google to find relevant information on their device.

Beyond the Classroom

Students have a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities here at Genesis, including:

If you’re looking for a primary school in the Moreton Bay Region, consider Genesis Christian College. To enrol your child in a school where Gospel values are central, academic, sporting and cultural opportunities abound and children delight in their education, contact our Enrolments team.