We are delighted that you are considering enrolling your child at Genesis Christian College.

Before making an Application for Enrolment, please read the Application Process Guide provided below. The Guide provides, answers to frequently asked questions, an evaluation of position availability in each Year level, Application procedures and policies as well as examples of the Prep and Year 7 offer processes.

Choosing a school is one of the most significant, conscientious and financial decisions a family will make. You are about to embark on the exciting journey of educating your child. Schools are there to partner with you and play an important role in this journey.

My advice for parents, is to look beyond the prospectus and spend an hour on campus with school staff. Talk to parents whose children attend the school and examine the results and outcomes of the school; assess whether those results and outcomes are happy, successful, healthy young people.

Parents should look carefully at schools that reinforce the faith and values being taught at home, to then confidently entrust your child to educators who share your values and faith.

An excellent education built on strong Christian values and principles will reap significant benefits, throughout childhood and adulthood, with eternal significance. At Genesis, we are acutely aware of these opportunities and are determined to continue to offer the very best educational environment possible.

As a Christian school, we are unashamedly Christian. The College is not a church but holds fast to Christian values and teachings and supports families who nurture the Christian life with their children.

At Genesis, our priority is creating an environment in which students can be nurtured, feel safe, be accepted for who they are, and can pursue their goals free of interference or harassment.

The ideal Genesis graduate is well balanced and well-rounded, achieves scholastically, is resilient, develops a passion for learning, is community minded, displays the fruits of the Spirit, is responsible on-line and is a positive member of the community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 3882 9000 or email enrolments@genesis.qld.edu.au should you have further enquiries. We look forward to being of service to you as you prepare to choose a school for your family.

Mrs Lynn M Swanson

Enrolments Registrar

Application Process Guide &  Enrolment Policy

Application Process Guide 

School Fees

View our Fee Schedule

School Tours

Bookings for personal campus tours of the College are welcome and are generally conducted during term in school hours. It is recommended students attend a tour at some stage, either initially with parents or on another occasion once an Application has been made.

To book a tour please phone us on 3882 9000 or contact us.

Open Morning

Genesis offers personal and group tour opportunities during the school year. Our Open Morning is held annually and a number of Prep Discovery tours are scheduled throughout the year.  Personal tours are also available on most days during the school term by appointment.

Please check our Events page or follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with our next on-campus experience.

Did you know you can take a virtual tour of our campus? Click here to explore Genesis Christian College.

On-campus experiences provide families with the opportunity to see firsthand if Genesis is the right fit for their family.

Prep Year of Entry Guide

BirthdateBirthdatePrep Year
July 1 – 31 Dec 2023Jan 1 – Jun 30 20242029
July 1 – 31 Dec 2022Jan 1 – Jun 30 20232028
July 1 – 31 Dec 2021Jan 1 – Jun 30 20222027
July 1 – 31 Dec 2020Jan 1 – Jun 30 20212026
July 1 – 31 Dec 2019Jan 1 – Jun 30 20202025
July 1 – 31 Dec 2018Jan 1 – Jun 30 20192024
July 1 – 31 Dec 2017Jan 1 – Jun 30 20182023

Option to Delay Prep Entry

Delaying entry to Prep is an option which may be considered in specific circumstances and where it is in a child’s best interests.

Parents may delay their child’s entry to Prep (and subsequently Year 1) if they feel that the child is not ready to start school or recommended by their teacher or by assessment. For example, the child is not ready to cope with the social and emotional or academic demands of schooling, or developmental delay.

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Should you require assistance with your Application or any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact our enrolments team on 3882 9000 or email enrolments@genesis.qld.edu.au