Performing Arts thrive at Genesis Christian College with many opportunities for students to immerse themselves in music, acting, dancing and more.

With our own state of the art Performance Theatre, professional dance studios and extensive music rooms, our campus provides our student performers with the best facilities to grow their talents.

Dance Companies

The Genesis Christian College Dance Companies are the College’s elite, national award winning, co-curricular performance troupes, which have been operating for over a decade. The companies compete in competitions and perform at a variety of school and community based events each year such as: multiple Queensland eisteddfods, Dance Life Unite Nationals in Sydney, Dance Showcase and more. There are four Dance Companies:

  • Mini Dance Company (Years 2-3 students)
  • Junior Dance Company (Years 4-6 students)
  • Intermediate Dance Company (Years 7-9 students)
  • Senior Dance Company (Years 10-12 students)

Weekly rehearsal requirements are as follows:

  • Mini Dance Company – 1 x 70 min morning rehearsal
  • Junior Dance Company – 1 x 70 min morning rehearsal
  • Intermediate Dance Company – 2 x 90 min afternoon rehearsals and some weekends
  • Senior Dance Company – 1 x 4 hour afternoon rehearsal and some weekends.

The Dance Companies are for those students who wish to extend their practical Dance training and have the opportunity to utilise their skills at various performances and competitions.

Primary Non-Competitive Dance Troupes

Genesis offers two Primary School non-competitive dance troupes which are as follows:

  • Movers & Shakers (Year 5-6 students)
  • Movers & Groovers (Year 3-4 students)

These troupes meet weekly to learn choreography in anticipation of performing at the annual ‘Grandparent’s Day’ event held in August and the ‘Dance Showcase’ event held in October.

Each year, students are invited to audition for a place in the team. The troupe rehearses during one lunch time per week.

Show Choir

The Genesis Christian College Show Choir is the College’s musical theatre performance troupe, which has been operating for over a decade. There are two Show Choir teams:

  • Intermediate Show Choir (Year 7-9 students)
  • Senior Show Choir (Year 10-12 students)

This co-curricular group represents the College at a wide variety of events. Performance opportunities include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Dance Showcase
  • Presentation Nights
  • Assembly performances
  • Dance Camp
  • Mid-Winter Gala
  • Aged Care
  • Eisteddfods

The Show Choirs are for those students who wish to extend their singing, dancing and musical theatre training and have the opportunity to utilise their skills at various performances and competitions.

The students rehearse during one lunch time per week.


Shakefest has been running for over a decade and attracts over 5,500 students annually to compete across the state with creative re-interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays. This competition is in the unique position of connecting schools with the professional arts organisation of ‘Shake & Stir Theatre Company’.

Being a part of the Genesis Shakefest Team will allow students to extend their practical drama skills and will have the added benefit of enhancing their knowledge and understanding of Shakespeare’s works. There are also design categories for students interested in photography, short film and costume design.  Shakefest is open to all students in Years 7-12 with no auditions required – just a great attitude!

A Night at the Theatre

A Night At The Theatre is the annual Drama performance night, in which all Secondary School Drama students, Drama Club members and ‘An Afternoon with Shakespeare’ finalists have the opportunity to perform. Held mid Term 3, this evening event takes on a different theme each year and showcases the high quality work produced by the curriculum and co-curricular Drama students.

Dance Showcase

Dance Showcase is the end of year concert for all curriculum and co-curricular Dance students from Years 2-12. Featuring a wide variety of performances from the national award-winning Dance Companies, Show Choirs, Movers and Shakers, Movers and Groovers and all Secondary Dance classes across 3 big shows, the production is jam-packed and showcases all there is to offer in Dance at Genesis.

Dance Camp

Dance Camp is held annually for the Intermediate & Senior Dance Companies and Intermediate and Senior Show Choir students with a day visit from the Junior Dance Company. The three day camp is held at YMCA Warrawee and includes intensive rehearsals, preparation for performances and community building.

Drama Clubs

The College offers opportunities for students in Years 4-12 to be involved in one of the Drama Clubs. Drama Club is a co-curricular program within the Drama stream for students who love acting and performing. The groups rehearse one lunch time per week and perform at various College events such as Simultaneous Storytime, Easter Chapel, Christmas Chapel and A Night at the Theatre. The Drama Clubs are as follows:

  • Year 4 Drama Club
  • Year 5-6 Drama Club
  • Secondary Drama Club (Years 7-12)

Costume Clubs

Costume Club is a co-curricular group for all Year 7-12 students who enjoy and have skills in art, craft and costume making. Students participate in creating costumes and props for the Performing Arts department. They meet one afternoon per week for one hour.

School Musicals

School musicals are performed biannually and provide wonderful opportunities for our Secondary students to showcase musical, acting and dancing talent in our school. Students audition for a place in the cast of each musical and participate in intensive rehearsals throughout the first semester of the school year.

For more information on extra-curricular dance and drama opportunities please visit: