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The Genesis Christian College App

We communicate to our parents via a comprehensive App. This app was been built with you, our College parents and carers in mind.  It’s designed to reduce the amount of email communication and provide a central hub for important College information.

Installation and initial set-up instructions

Apple Devices – Scan the QR Code below to download:


Android Devices – Scan the QR Code below to download:

  1. Search for Genesis Christian College in the App Store or Google Play to download.
  2. Stay connected – tap ‘allow‘ to enable notifications
  3. Explore the dashboard!
  4. Set up your settings (aka subscriptions)
  5. Check your push notifications are ON

Download the installation and initial set-up infographic here.

Watch the step by step instructional videos below:

July 2022 – Take a look at the recent Genesis App upgrades!

Watch the full Genesis App video.

How to download the App.

How to set up subscriptions.

How to use access notices and communication through the App.

How to use the App calendar.

Get all the latest College news through the App!

Find all Sport communication here.

Find all Music & Performing Arts new here.

Learn to how to use the exciting Parent Lounge feature.

Learn how to lodge an Absentee through the App.

View the extensive range of links available through the App.

Access frequently used Contacts directly through the App.

Learn how to access Flexischools through the App.

How to submit feedback on the App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print from letters from the App?2020-06-29T10:30:07+10:00
Where do I go for help?2020-06-29T10:30:07+10:00

Please don’t hesitate to contact us during school hours:

I am not receiving notifications. Why?2020-06-29T10:30:07+10:00

There are a few things to try here.


  • Check you are not in “Do Not Disturb” mode
  • Make sure Notifications are turned on in your phone settings
  • Make sure Notifications are turned on in the Genesis App


  • Check version of Android – if less than 4.0.4 you may need to update
  • Check notifications are enabled in your settings – ensure the “Show notifications” tick-box is selected.
  • Check you are not in “Do Not Disturb” mode
Help! I’ve forgotten my Parent Lounge contact details!2020-06-29T10:30:08+10:00

No problems – simply email or call us on 3882 9058

Which mobile device or operating systems are compatible with the Genesis App?2020-06-29T10:30:08+10:00

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod plus most Google Android mobile devices and operating systems are compatible. 

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