Hi! We’re from GECKO, a club dedicated to the protection of wildlife and our community. We are from Genesis Christian Collage and we are proud to say that we are fighting for the environment that we live in. Our motto is save the trees, save the forests, save the earth.

What we stand for:

  • There are over 40,000 endangered species on the red list as of 2019, and 39% of them are threatened with extinction.
  • There is more carbon in the air than ever, and in May 2019 there was a peak of 3.5ppm (parts per million) more than May 2018.
  • The climate is changing, with natural disasters hitting heavier than ever each year.

Against these odds, there are more opportunities to save our planet than ever before. GECko stands to spread awareness to our school community and to make sustainable practices more accessible and able than ever.

As Prince Ea (winner of connect4climate) says, “We need to change to get to the fourth second.”

You can play your part to save our earth!

Here are some important charities you might want to consider donating to: