Future Pathways – Empowering Futures | The Future Pathways team at Genesis Christian College is dedicated to supporting students across the whole school in developing an understanding of their individual potential and unique pathways.

Career development is integrated into the curriculum, with a careers education for Years 7-9 taking place in Personal Development classes, workshops, and incursions.

A particular focus is on empowering our senior students for post-secondary education, employment, and training. We help students discover their values, interests, strengths, and aspirations. In Year 10 students explore interests and plan for senior subject choices that will support QCE, ATAR, and alternative pathways. Year 11 is focused on developing study and employability skills, while Year 12 involves planning for life after school, including navigating post-secondary course applications. Personalised career sessions with the Future Pathways team complement these initiatives. The team assists Senior Students in subject selection, career exploration, and planning for tertiary education or direct entry into the workforce.

SET Plans

The Senior Education & Training Plan (SETP) provides a roadmap for success, guiding students through Years 10, 11 and 12. Our team supports students in aligning their choices with their aspirations, ensuring a confident transition into the dynamic world of education and work. Initial SETP interviews take place in year 10 and include both parents and students.

Individual Career & Academic Counselling is available throughout senior years, covering subject selection, career exploration, employability skills, and pathways to university and TAFE study which often involves reviewing and updating SET Plans.

Work Experience Program

The Genesis Work Experience Program exposes students to the real-world, fostering employability skills and preparing students for the transition from education to work. Opportunities like the Mater High School Adventure, TAFE Trade Taster, the ADF and QPS work experience programs are supported in addition to self-identified placements.

Students can undertake work experience throughout Years 10, 11 and 12 in their school holidays and we encourage students to undertake more than one placement. Students and Parents are also encouraged to use www.thecareersdepartment.com to explore industries and pathways.

VET – Vocational Education and Training (VET)

For a comprehensive approach, we offer Vocational Education & Training (VET) subjects to senior students, combining traditional academic pathways with nationally recognized vocational qualifications. This provides alternative routes to tertiary study and equips students with valuable skills and industry specific qualifications. Students are also able to undertake external study though TAFE or private RTOs.


Events such as the Future Horizons Breakfast, offer students insights into various careers through visiting alumni sharing their experiences of post school life and career challenges and choices.

Genesis actively partners with local universities, VET providers, businesses, and community organisations. Lectures and guest programs further enrich the educational experience for senior students.

Study Skills

Students are supported in developing Study Skills through an extensive suite of resources designed to provide students with tools to assist them in independent learning and to enhance classroom learning. Individual study planning sessions are available to senior students.  Students are also encouraged to go beyond academics and improve their skills through short courses and micro credentials. All senior students are provided access to the Genesis Skills Portfolio which assists students in recording skills obtained beyond the classroom, identifying areas for growth, and providing documentation to employers.