It is an enormous privilege to have been the Principal of Genesis Christian College since 2007 and to be part of a committed fellowship of parents, students and other Christians who continue to deliver on the vision for the College and create vibrant educational outcomes.

Mr Brian Barker announced his retirement in July this year. Read more about his remarkable career here.

Please watch the video to get to know our new Principal, Mr Paul Sterling.

From an idea 40 years ago the College today is more than just a world-class facility. It is a remarkable community supported by families and trusted by families to care for and educate their children from Prep through to Year 12.

Hand in hand with parents we take seriously the responsibility of nurturing precious and unique human beings as they develop lifelong friendships, skills and aptitude, character and compassion, a relationship with Christ and confidence in their direction in life.

We embark on this journey when your child comes along to our Little Genesis Early Learning Centre for babies to Kindergarten age, as we holistically guide their development in all facets of their life, right through to their final senior year with us in Year 12. Here through the soul of our college they discover their own soul.

As we’ve grown as a College, so too has the range of pursuits and pathways available to students on their educational journey from Prep to Senior.

Comprehensive academic, sporting, cultural, technology and vocational training offerings ensure a rich and personalised educational experience for each student.  Just a few of the diverse learning opportunities available to our students include; robotics, Interact (youth Rotary club), Air Force Cadets, debating, bands, Certificate courses (Building & Construction, Assistant in Nursing, Hospitality), local, state and national competitions, Red Cross blood donations, mission trip to Myanmar Children’s Orphanage, and the Year 12 ‘schoolies expeditions abroad’ with World Challenge.

 “Your Word is my Light” is the motto of our College and it has meaning to our students in two real ways:

  • The Gospel teachings, which they learn at school, become a beacon for our students as they journey through life
  • Our students recognise that education is knowledge and that continuing to learn throughout life will also light their path.

By learning about the grace of Jesus and the world in which they live our students become less selfish and more active in community service and social justice initiatives. At Genesis, they – and we – practice and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness every single day. We invite you to discover the bright soul of our school for yourself.

Prior to starting at Genesis Christian College in 2007, Brian held senior management roles for over 30 years. He was previously the Principal at Suncoast Christian College and Deputy Principal at Westside Christian College. 

Brian has enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the growth of the College, and has overseen the addition of new class streams and a dynamic building program. He is also a Director of ACS – Associated Christian Schools.