• Year 9 Rite Journey boys conquer the Kokoda Challenge
  • Year 9 Rite Journey boys conquer the Kokoda Challenge
Year 9 is a pivotal time for student as they negotiate the move from Middle School into Senior School. The Rite Journey is a program that incorporates both Christian Life and Personal Development and assists students to further connect and understand themselves, peers, their families and the wider community, in a Christian-centred environment.

Genesis has implemented The Rite Journey since 2013 as we sought to provide our Year 9 students with a program tailored specifically to meet their needs as maturing adolescents moving into senior schooling and young adulthood.

The Rite Journey, developed by Andrew Lines, reinvents the traditional process of a Rite of Passage to assist in transitioning Year 9 students from dependency to responsibility. Underpinned by a strong Christian focus and worldview and customised to reflect the needs of students at Genesis, the program is engaging and relevant. It is taught by a number of dedicated teachers with specific interest and passion for seeing young adolescents develop and mature in a manner that gives them the resilience, awareness and life skills to navigate through some of the obstacles that they will typically encounter.

The program provides a safe environment where students within their streamed-gender groups and together with their teachers, examine and discuss the complexities of becoming young adults in a sometimes confusing world. The students undoubtedly benefit from the frank and sometimes challenging aspects of the program which looks at relationships with self, others and God.

The involvement and input of parents and mentors as positive and proactive role models also plays a major role in the success of the journey.