Last Friday, we held The Departure – the event that officially launches The Rite Journey program for our Yr 9 students.
Throughout the afternoon, the students took part in a range of activities designed to get them relying on each other, instead of just themselves.
Later in the afternoon, the students travelled to Lake Samsonvale for the initial ceremony. Here they were invited to begin their journey into adulthood by symbolically throwing their childish ways away by writing them on a small rock and tossing it into the lake.  Following this, the students embarked on a short hike and were given time to contemplate their place in society.
Once back at the College, their parents joined us for the remainder of the evening which included a ceremony, prayer and a chance to spend quality time together, followed by a light supper. It was amazing to overhear snippets of meaningful conversations that were happening on the picnic blankets between families. 
The Departure was a lovely event with many families very appreciative of the sentiment of the evening and the bright future in front of their child.
The Rite Journey is well and truly underway now for our Year 9 students. Stay tuned for updates on other key events coming up.